Custom Hand-Made Telecaster for Roman Cirini:


    After making two guitars for myself, I thought I might like the challenge of making a guitar for someone else.  I immediately

thought of my guitar teacher Roman for two reasons.  First, he has helped me make several important breakthroughs in my

playing this past year and secondly, he is an actively gigging musician and my work would get excellent exposure.  He graciously

accepted my offer and told me he would love to have a custom Tele tung oiled and stained orange with gold hardware.  In addition,

he wanted a custom 3+3 headstock, small abalone inlays aligned with the top edge of the fretboard, custom forearm drop,

 and a custom on-off switch.


Below are the progress pictures so far:


Body shaped and partially routed and the neck materials:


Surforming the Custom Forearm Drop:


Gluing the Fretboard:


Test Fitting the Neck:


Body Stained Orange with 7 Coats of Tung Oil:


Backside of Tung Oiled Body:


Finished Headstock:


Mock Up:


Test Fitting the Neck, Pick guard and Bridge:


Roman with his new custom Tele:


Body of finished Tele:


Backside of finished body:


Finished Guitar:


Headstock Logo:


Roman with Finished Tele:




Roman's Custom Tele with my Custom JS6: