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• The new PARIAH CD "Live With This"  has been released!  This Posh Boy release is available now through Art Monkey Records

• Local artist and musician Jason Barrett designed the new Pariah CD artwork.  He came up with some outstanding ideas which can be seen in the gallery under artwork along with long-time Pariah fan Donovan's concepts.  Check out Jason's band website here.

• View the CD artwork  here.

Check out the Pariah MySpace page here:


Man, has it really been almost 5 years since Live With This was released?  I've worked on a few projects since then.  A recent one I'm excited about is a colaboration with Regent St. Claire of Castle Blak fame.  Take a listen to the two tunes we recorded with fellow musicians Cris Meek (bass) and Jim Diaz (drums):


Mike Smith:

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A brief history of Pariah and it's members. From the early days back in 1981 to it's current line-up, all the ups and downs that have brought the band to where it is now.

Check out Pariah demo tracks and samples, as well as Mike Smith's Sketches.

A complete and comprehensive list of all Pariah's albums and releases, as well as which of those are still available to purchase.

Includes promotional images, live shots, memorabilia, and artwork from Pariah fans.
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